Tipi Rentals & More San Diego Vacation Secrets

It's no secret how beautiful San Diego is.

The weather is nearly perfect year-round and there's never a shortage of activities to do from snorkeling in La Jolla to taste testing the local brews and fish tacos.

As an east coast native, there are definitely a few "insider tips" I've picked up on living here for the past 5 years.

These are not your typical tourist attractions but they are without a doubt worth the experience during your stay in Southern California.

San Diego's Best Kept Vacation Secrets

Eat: Oscars' Ceviche

Before I moved to San Diego, I didn't even know how to pronounce "ceviche". Sometimes I avoided saying it and just pointed to the menu - what an amateur. 

Now, I am well versed in pretty much anything that relates to San Diego IPAs and Mexican food including how to pick a ripe avocado blindfolded.

Keep in mind when you visit Oscars, they're not a fast food restaurant. Be patient. I've waited many moons for my dear ceviche  - but it's always worth it.

The shrimp ceviche will be served to you in large chunks and swimming in a plastic to-go cup of magical lime juice. I cannot tell you how happy this cheap, simple meal makes me. 

Oscars is now located in several locations.

Kayak: From Mission Bay To Barefoot Bar and Grill

This excursion is a perfect afternoon activity that doesn't require a lot of money. You can pick up your kayak rental at several locations in Mission Bay.

From there, you can paddle out as seen in the image above to Barefoot Bar and Grill.

The first time will be slightly confusing if you are not familiar with the area. My advice is to paddle out until you see the white sail boats just around the bend.

The best part is once you reach the beach (just shy of the sail boats) can pull your kayak right up onto the beach and cross through to where Barefoot Bar and Grill is located.

Enjoy a fresh beer with a nearby waterfall and boat deck. (And yes, you can walk in barefoot - I've done it several times.)

The paddle there and back - plus a beer and some sightseeing is about 2 hours.

Watch: A Dive-In Movie at The Pearl

The Pearl Hotel is such a gem.

Every Wednesday, they show a free film on their 10′ x 13′ foot projection screen with full sound, overlooking a vintage, oyster-shaped swimming pool.

It's absolutely adorable - but make sure you call ahead for reservations.

You can check out the upcoming movies here

Rent: A Tipi 

What could be better than your own private tipi on the beach?

Tipitopia currently offers tipi rentals at Mission Beach (on the bay side). You can choose between several themes on the website and reserve the tipi from 2 to 8 hours.

Perfect for birthdays or special date nights - each tipi comes with a basket full of complementary snacks and sparkling water. 

Are you ready to #findyourtipi?