Tipis We Can't Stop Dreaming Of

 As the founder of Tipitopia, my desire is to create beautiful spaces where humans can gather, reflect, and relax - just like when we were children.

I consider myself a "professional adult fort builder".

Of course, all this building and designing needs a lot of inspiration to go with it!

So, I've rounded up a few of my favorite tipi themes below: 

1. The Minimalist

Darling, quite and clean - this tipi is every minimalist dream.

2. The Brooklyn Rooftop 

Far above the city streets and a little closer to the heavens - we would love to lay in this cozy hut filled with florals.

3. The Naturalist

Nothing says nature like burlap and birch trees. 

4. The Introvert - Extrovert

Have you ever wanted to be inside but outside at the same time? We feel you. Voila!

5. The Fairy Lights

Honestly, you can never have enough twinkle lights. 

Are you ready to #findyourtipi?

Check out tipitopia.com for available tipi rentals.