5 Reasons to Throw a Tipi Party

From baby showers to birthdays, it seems like there is always another special occasion right around the corner but it's hard to find unique party ideas.

Most of us have a limited budget and don't necessarily have the creative capacity to pull off 99% of the ideas we see on Pinterest.

But that doesn't mean you want to throw in the towel just yet and cave for another boring birthday brunch.

5 Reasons To Throw a Tipi Party

1. You Need a Romantic Date Night: 

It goes without saying a private tipi on the beach is super romantic. Not only do you have the entire ocean in front of you - but you also have the comfort of your own little hut on the sand.

Whether you are trying to swoon a crush or go all out for a 30 year anniversary - renting your own tipi for a sunset in San Diego is going to impress just about anyone.

2. Baby Shower sans the Mimosas: 

Preparing to give life to another human being is no easy task. Soon-to-be mothers and fathers already have a lot of stress on their mind. From picking out a name to finding the perfect baby crib, the last thing anyone wants to do is plan a party.

Renting a tipi on the beach is not only super fun and casual - it allows your mama bear to rest comfortably inside a beautiful private space surrounded by her friends and family.

This is also the perfect rental idea for a gender revealing party. Can imagine how awesome those photos will be when you open a box filled with blue or pink balloons with the ocean waves crashing behind you?!

Yup, I'm sold.

3. Better Birthday Bash Than Last Year:

Okay, so maybe you're not having a baby but you just made it to 25 and now you can legally rent a car! Wahoo...no? Not so much.

I'm going to level with you: Birthdays can get pretty depressing after that age.

As someone who just turned 30 years old, I have a little resentment against the increasing amount of wrinkles on my face, but that doesn't mean all birthdays from here on out are doomed.

This year, I definitely didn't want to spend my birthday drunk in a club, but what would have been pretty great was my own tipi on the beach with some live music and yummy snacks.

Tipi parties might sound like something for the kids but if you are anything like me, we all have a child-like heart inside us.

4. Saturdays are for ...THE GIRLS!

Whoever said "Saturdays are for the boys" clearly never met me and my group of friends.

Every now and then I know most of us just need a break, far away from work stress, family stress, relationship stress and a chance to catch up with the homies.

Our friendships are vital to our well-being, so wouldn't it be nice to treat your besties to a day in a Bohemian themed tipi? Clear your schedules because the only thing on your "To-Do" list is to nap in the sunshine.

5. Just because...

From day to day, life can get pretty interesting. Sometimes it's good and sometimes, well...not so good.

The other day, my friend got dumped and two days later found out her ex had changed all the Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon passwords - brutal!

But in all seriousness, life throws strange things at us and from time to time we all need a little pick me up.

Planning a special tipi get-away for someone you care about might be just what they need!

Are you ready to #findyourtipi?

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